Practice Membership has been going for well over a year and many practices have taken up membership as a way of getting massive value for their CPD at very reasonable rates. I have kept these rates low but will be raising them in June. If you have been considering joining the practice membership but have been procrastinating then this would be an ideal time.

At present the prices are as follows

No of vets

Normal Price

Offer price until 01.06.12

1 vet
















These prices are monthly and do not include VAT and are available until the end of May to non-BVA members. Price rises happen in September but will only rise by RPI. Prices include unlimited nurse places for multi-vet practices and access to our practice management section for all practice managers. These prices are only available until midnight Thursday 31st May    Friday 1st June  CLICK HERE to sign up now before the prices go up.

Prices from 1st  2rd June are as follows

No of vets

Normal Price

BVA price
































Each subsequent vet will cost £40 plus VAT.

In order to qualify for the BVA discount, every vet joining the webinar vet under the practice scheme will need to be a BVA member. Membership is checked on registration.

BVA membership is worth considering as this will halve the price. Check


Read what some of our Members have to say;

Great resource for learning new things and revising things I thought I knew!

Authoritative speakers that I can watch whenever I have time.

Nigel Davies, Kent

Just a note of feedback following last night’s webinar, which was my first. I had seen the emails on the practice inbox and not given the webinars much consideration until my colleague, Ann Mee, recommended them. I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s presentation. Martha was succinct, relevant and honest, so refreshing! A large number of vets have families so they allow us to get home after evening surgery, see the children then settle down for some CPD in the comfort of our own homes with a cup of tea ( or something stronger!) in hand! Webinars are definitely the way forward, especially with the vast majority of veterinary graduates being female and the increasing importance that we are giving the whole work life balance thing.

Thanks for this innovative approach to veterinary CPD.

Helen Watson

At the moment 5 vets can sign up for less than £30 each with nurses and practice managers for free. After 31st May this will increase to £83 each unless your vets are all BVA members in which case it becomes just over £40 each.

Just click the link below

This really is the time to join if you have been thinking about it

Webinars coming up include


Pip Boydell Exam of the eye

Vicky Roberts husbandry in poultry

Ian Ramsey PU/PD

Mike Herrtage Ultrasound case studies

Henri Leplattenier GDV

Wendy Nevins social media

Mike Willard pancreatitis

Laurent Findji GI surgery

Vicky Roberts infectious diseases in poultry


Please feel free to email or ring 0151 3240580 and speak to Kathryn if you want any more details. She will be happy to help you.


To your CPD success


Anthony Chadwick


The Webinar Vet

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