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"Common Conditions in Uncommon Species"

Presented by Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS

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About the webinar:

Many vets and nurses who are not familiar with exotics panic when they are presented with one. But if you go back to basics and think about it logically, you will find that it is much easier than you expected. In this webinar Madonna Livingstone goes through some common conditions in such species as rodents, reptiles and exotic birds. The webinar features detailed case studies complete with diagnosis and treatment options. Madonna gives practical advice and shares resources that will help vets and nurses in practice to provide appropriate care for an exotic pet.

About the speaker

Presented by Madonna Livingstone BVMS MRCVS

Known as the practice geek, Madonna qualified from Glasgow Vet School in 2002. She joined the Ark Veterinary Clinics Ltd Coatbridge in 2004 and has grown the exotic side of the practice to the extent it now occupies over 70% of her case load both first opinion and referral. Although her main interest is in exotic animal species, she also enjoys soft tissue surgery and behaviour of all species.

Madonna is an exotics consultant for NationWide Laboratories which includes interpretation of results for many different species. She is always happy to help any vets with cases.

On her day off from clinical practice Madonna lectures on exotic animal medicine and surgery, teaches clinical skills in small exotic mammals and rabbit surgery at Glasgow University Veterinary School. Also, an Affiliated vet with Glasgow Vet School she is the nominated veterinary surgeon for all the exotic teaching animals (reptiles and mammals).

She also, has a diploma in parrot behaviour, has been published on reptiles, parrots and ferrets including a peer reviewed journals.

Her duties also include being the chair of an ethical committee for two zoological collections.

Madonna speaks widely throughout the U.K. on exotic animal medicine and surgery to Vets and Veterinary nurses. She has also spoken several times at the Scottish Parrot Society and the Scottish Branch of International Herpetological Society to owners and enthusiasts.

Madonna is a member of the Rabbit Welfare and Association Fund (RWAF), the Tortoise Trust, Clyde Bird Ringing Group, the Scottish Ferret Club, British Veterinary Zoological Society, and the Veterinary Invertebrate Society and has a strong interest in conservation.

Currently Madonna is owned by two GSD, nine ferrets, and two rescue cockatiels.