Every once in a while, a generation of people will live through something revolutionary, something that will be seen as a pivotal moment in human history. There was the time when mankind discovered how to use tools to build things, or forge iron, or harness electricity. There was the Agricultural Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution after it. This is the great shifting of the ages, the place where the past joins the future, the disruptive innovation that has taken humans from living in caves to walking on the moon in just a few thousand years. Wonderous things that we never imagined could be possible, like aeroplanes and electric tin openers and the music of David Bowie, become a part of our everyday lives.


We are undoubtedly part of a generation living through one of the most seismic events in human history, due to the invention of the internet – the impact of which is arguably only paralleled by the Printing Press Revolution in the late 1400s. The internet has changed the world so fundamentally and so rapidly that it’s a little odd to think that the concept itself is only 30 years old today. (For the computer scientists and pedants out there, yes, we know the Internet and the World Wide Web are two different things, and today is the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web rather than the Internet, and the history of the Internet itself can be traced back to the 1950s, but the World Wide Web is a function of the Internet and also generally what people mean when they refer to “the Internet” in common parlance, so when we say “the Internet” we are usually referring to the World Wide Web, unless otherwise clarified. Okay, breathe in.)

When we say it’s 30 years old, that’s not how long it’s been in our lives – that’s the very first point in time where the idea was formally put forward. It seems hard to believe that it’s taken just three decades to evolve from being a theory to the point where you panic if you can’t get Wi-Fi and your 4G is down. It’s funny now to watch movies from the 90s and see people being represented as nerds and losers who should get out more just because they use computers, and nowadays you’re the weird one if you don’t have an online presence. We have lived through such a rapid change that it’s almost disorienting. People who are in their late twenties now will be the last people ever born to have memories of a childhood where the internet wasn’t a thing. In fact, there are already fully-fledged adults out there, working jobs and renting property, who cannot remember a time when the internet wasn’t a part of everyday life. If that makes you feel old, well, as a classic meme goes, the future is now, old man.


Of course, without the World Wide Web, there would be no Webinar Vet. In fact, you wouldn’t even be reading this blog post (blog posts about the internet seem like paradoxes waiting to happen). Among the many things that the internet has changed, you can now do your CPD in an easy and affordable way without ever leaving your home, a luxury that you would have seemed outlandish even fifteen years ago.

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