During a meeting of the World Coffee Organisation held on 3rd – 7th March 2014, it was decided that today, October 1st, would be made International Coffee Day. This leads us to the realisation that:

  • There is a group of people who form an international organisation devoted simply to coffee;
  • Those people have meetings that last for a whole working week;
  • And they’re pretty damn serious about coffee.

Do you like drinking coffee, but often lament that you have to pay for it? Well, today is your lucky day, because many coffee shops, emporiums and dispensaries are offering a free cup of hot brown for you to get that caffeine fix you so desperately need to stay focused.


We don’t sell coffee – it doesn’t tend to transfer well across the internet – but consider this link:

Today is International Coffee Day.

In the critically acclaimed film The Green Mile, the central character is a magical man child named John Coffey.

“John Coffey” sounds like “John Coffee”.

“John Coffee” and “John Waterhouse” are both called “John”.

Ergo, John Waterhouse is intrinsically linked to World Coffee Day (and any assertions that we’re making an unreasonable connection there will be dismissed with prejudice).

So, as we’ve unequivocally established that John Waterhouse and World Coffee Day go hand in hand, today seems like a perfect day to offer you a fantastic deal on his webinars.

Aside from being definitely involved with coffee, John Waterhouse is best known as an expert of canine arthritis and pain management, particularly in the area of sports medicine.

If you buy John’s webinar, “Intravertebral Disc Disease: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment options” today for just £20 + VAT, you’ll get “Intravertebral Disc Disease: Part two” for free. So, effectively, you get both parts of this interesting talk on IDD for just twenty pounds.

In these webinars, John will discuss the following:

  • What’s intervertebral disc disease and how is it diagnosed?
  • What are the signs and symptoms of IVDD?
  • What are the treatment options available?

Each webinar usually costs £40, so this is a pretty good offer, if we do say so ourselves. Seeing as you’re saving money on coffee today anyway, why not invest in this offer?

This offer will only be available for the rest of today, so make sure to claim yours now!

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