For historians of the Soviet Union, the GDPR could denote the German Democratic People’s Republic*, the euphemistic label given to the communist government in East Germany. That famously bureaucratic regime may no longer exist, but the famously bureaucratic regime that replaced it – the EU – has recently passed some legislation also known as the GDPR, except it now stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This new legislation is necessary to protect the rights of citizens in the Digital Age, but it will undoubtedly cause a headache for any company that does business with EU citizens. It’s all a little complicated, but to put it in a nutshell, it is going to become a lot harder to obtain, store, and use people’s personal data.

If you’re not a legislation nerd and the idea of reading over reams of documents puts you in a cold sweat, you’re probably wishing that somebody would just read it for you and give you the gist of it. Fortunately, we’ve found some people to do just that. Charlie Barton, Suzanne Dibble, and our own Anthony Chadwick will tell you all the points you need to know in “GDPR – Practical Tips To Ensure Your Practice Is Compliant”, so you can be confident of keeping up to code.

You can get this webinar for just £27 + VAT (or free if you have a Platinum or Diamond membership). The webinar will air on 21st March at 1pm. Register now to avoid missing out.

*Yes, we are aware it was technically just the German Democratic Republic (GDR) but that doesn’t work for the analogy, so a little historical revisionism has been employed here to make a good segue.

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