I can’t believe how quickly the last few days have gone.  The exhibition at NAVC is now closed, the lectures are still going on though.

I have taken a few photos which can be seen on our facebook page you can check then out by going to https://www.facebook.com/thewebinarvet remember to like the page whilst you are there!

Whilst here I have met the guys from London Vet Show, MRCVSonline, BSAVA, VetStream and also Meryl from Millpledge, so many people from the UK it was strange, but also good to meet some people I knew.

There hasn’t been much time to get tan as I have spent most of time indoors in the exhibitions!  I fly back to the UK tomorrow evening and land early Friday morning.  I am looking forward to getting home but have had an amazing time here.

I would recommend it to any vets or nurses as there is a fantastic clinical stream of lectures from 7am through to late in the evening.  The location is great, the food is fab and there are shuttle buses from the hotels to the lectures and exhibitions.  There are some great social events in the evenings and these are all included in your registration fee.

It would be great to see some of our members out here next year!


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