Something truly scandalous happened 43 years ago today, something that would forever change the course of human history and lead the human race to a more liberalised and chaotic landscape. And that thing was…somebody swearing on television.

The year was 1976. The time was a little after six in the evening. The place was the studio of the Today show on the bank of the Thames. Everything had been planned out to cause minimal offence. The band Queen was due to appear for an interview, but cancelled at the last moment. Desperate to fill the musical slot, the producers reached out to the only band who would appear at such short notice, and in a fatal error, booked a largely unknown group called the Sex Pistols for their weekday easy watching programme.

sex pistols


The episode would probably have passed unnoticed, where it not for the bizarre goading by the host, Bill Grundy. Insulting and jibing them, he soon elicited a barrage of abuse from the punk rockers, filled with expletives and obscene hand gestures. Grundy was fired two days later, and the Sex Pistols had their upcoming tour cancelled. However, the resulting outrage made the band household names, and ignited the punk scene. Although most people agreed that the Sex Pistols had no musical talent (their own manager stated, “if people bought the records for the music, this thing would have died a death long ago”) they quickly became one of the most significant bands in history. The band would break up in January of 1978, having only managed to produce one album, but their influence spawned an entire cultural movement, one which was somehow both progressive and reactionary, standing in distain of both the repressed values of the 1950s and the hippie lifestyle of the 1960s.

Punk subculture spread quickly across the Western world, and into places beyond it. With its iconoclastic and antiauthoritarian themes, it has been credited with driving opposition to totalitarian political ideologies, and also paving the way for liberationist movements such as feminism and animal rights. Not a bad outcome from calling a belligerent TV host a “dirty sod”.

None of our webinars have any profanity in this week, but that doesn’t mean they won’t cause a stir. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Tackling Tricky Conversations

By Lizz Jones

Broadcast live Tue 3rd December 2019, 8:30 pm

Do you dread having to discuss certain issues with colleagues?  Do you stress when you need to provide feedback to members of your team?  Is there an employee that you have difficulty with, but just can’t get the message across effectively?  Then this session will help you.  We all need to have those “tough conversations” at some point, so how can we do it in the most professional manner; and get effective results with the minimum of drama or fuss?


An update on flock health planning

by Phillipa PageBVSc BSc MRCVS

Going live Wed 4th December 2019, 8:00 pm


Canine Blood Transfusions – selecting the right donor, the right product and when and how to use the products

By Kate MurphyBVSc (Hons) DSAM DipECVIM-CA FRCVS PGCert(HE)

Going live Wed 4th December 2019, 8:00 pm

This webinar will cover the common indications for transfusion of canine blood products, the testing of patient and donor to give the best transfusion and how to safely administer the product.


Only 0.5 mm separate you from disaster! Surgical treatment of corneal ulcers

By Ron OfriDVM, PhD, DECVO

Going live Wed 4th December 2019, 8:00 pm

Unfortunately, sometimes medical treatment of corneal ulcers may be insufficient. What are your surgical options? Which surgical procedures should you avoid? (Answer-third eye flaps!)


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Minka Kulenovic

Interesting article as it remind me when I was in Japan (1993-2000) the punk culture was the top of the list, with the designers producing expensive punk style fashion and became very popular especially in clothes, hair, make-up. It took them a long time to figure that and ‘enjoy punk’…


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