It’s 14th July, which means it’s Bastille Day in France, marking the storming of the Bastille and the turning point of the French Revolution. The Bastille was a large fortress that was emblematic of the monarchy’s tyranny over the French people, where dissidents were routinely tortured and executed. It was this afternoon, 130 years ago, that an angry contingent of French citizens took up arms against the unpopular autocratic rule and instigated what would become ten years of serious political turmoil, during which the monarchy was abolished with the execution of King Louis XVI, and the new French Republic was established, creating the first democratic and secular government in Europe. The changes in French society were dramatic and enduring – the tricolour flag that represents modern France was in fact the flag of the revolutionaries. The revolution set the stage for the end of feudalism and transition into a more liberal ideal which would trigger reform and revolution across all of Europe within the next century, removing the power of the monarchies and turning the continent into a bastion of freedom and human rights (we’ll ignore the Soviet Union, and the whole fascist thing. Mostly, it’s been steady improvement).

Speaking of revolution, the CPD revolution continues unabated. You can continue to enjoy some fantastic lectures delivered right into your home, so you can put your feet up and enjoy all of the benefit without any of the hassle. Let’s see what we’ve got coming up this week:

Nursing the heatstroke patient

by Elle Haskey

Going live 16th July

Patients usually present to the clinic with heatstroke during the warmer summer months, but it is also possible to develop heatstroke at other times of the year due to a number of risk factors. Veterinary nurses play an important role in the management of these patients as they often present collapsed and hyperthermic, requiring prompt stabilization and treatment to prevent organ damage. This session will discuss treatment options and supportive care, management of hyperthermia and the nursing considerations for the patient who is hospitalized due to heatstroke.

Heart disease in small mammals

by John Chitty

Going live 16th July

Heart disease is increasingly diagnosed pre-mortem in small mammals. This webinar will discuss when to suspect heart disease; how to investigate it using imaging and ECG; and how to manage heart disease in these species.

Disinfection – products and best practice

by Becky Gosling and Lauren Dimmack

Going live 17th July

Cleaning and disinfection are key steps in controlling diseases on farm. A lot of emphasis has been placed previously on disinfection however disinfectants are not effective if thorough cleaning has not been carried out. These webinars aim to provide details on the importance of cleaning and some of the problems faced, including the impact of biofilms, along with the role of detergents. The second webinar will cover selection of a disinfectant, efficacy and examples of best practice. The webinar will also discuss: -Swine Dysentery and ASF – some case studies -AHDB MuckFreeTruck campaign -Biosecurity and the Significant Diseases Charter

Update on equine stifle and meniscal disease

by Julia Dubuc

Going live 17th July

This webinar will offer an overview of the current, most recent developments regarding the equine stifle joint, including the latest scientific publications. The stifle anatomy will be briefly reviewed, aiming to focus on clinically relevant diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Traumatic Brain Injury

by Chloe Fay

Going live 18th July

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a common yet severe ailment, associated with high morbidity and mortality rates. Understanding how traumatic brain injury presents, as well as the importance of rapid and effective treatment is key to patient survival. Aimed at veterinary surgeons, this webinar will discuss the pathophysiology of both primary and secondary TBI, as well as a comprehensive overview of neurological assessments and initial resuscitation techniques for these patients.

Monthly Meditation

by Mike Scanlan

Going live 21st July

45 minute meditation with Dr Mike Scanlan


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