There are so many webinars available on our site that we understand why it might be a little difficult to decide which ones to watch first. In her new webinar review, Elle Payne, a.k.a. The Positive Vet nurse, gives her take on ‘Anaesthesia for the cardiac patient’ by Matthew Gurney, so you’ll know what to expect.


At the present moment, my experience with anaesthetising the cardiac patient is limited; however, I do see patients with cardiac disease in practice. Therefore, I thought this webinar would be interesting and important to learn about for the future.

In the webinar, Matthew covers a range of important topics which include: to plan anaesthesia for cardiac patients from start to finish including monitoring, focusing on cardiac output, understanding drugs and their use on these patients, delivering pain relief whilst maintaining an optimum plane of anaesthesia, and ensuring care is given when recovering these patients.

I learned a valuable amount of information about what drugs to use for cardiac patients and which to avoid and why. Matthew really made it easy and clear to understand, which I appreciated as sometimes it can be difficult to understand drugs, especially their use in cardiac patients.

I think this webinar would be suitable for registered vet nurses and also student vet nurses as this will equip them with knowledge about drugs and anaesthetising cardiac patients reducing the anxiety when they are presented to us. I also think vets could also learn a lot from this webinar and make appropriate decisions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar as it was easy to understand and now feel confident to anaesthetise cardiac patients with this information.

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