Lisa Milella was presenting from Portland, Oregon to our small group of dental aficionados. This was webinar 4 in the 6 webinar series and was dedicated to juvenile dentistry. I did not realise how much orthodontics Lisa does in her surgery especially in skeletal and dental malocclusions.

Lisa also discussed lance canines in Shelties and Siamese. These canines spear forward and can cause an ulceration on the lip but not with Lisa around. She uses active orthodontics to bring it back into its correct position.

Enamel dysplasia is another problem that can be seen in young pets. It is unsightly and occurs when damage is done to the permanent teeth either in utero or in the first 12 weeks of life. Play fighting may cause damage or fevers brought on by distemper or parvo

Finally tumours that are seen in young animals such as papillary squamous cell carcinomas and odontomas were discussed. These are mercifully rare but should be at least considered when a young dog or cat presents with a swollen mouth. Lisa will be presenting the first compound odontoma in a cat at a meeting in Seattle later in the autumn.

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