You may remember us saying a couple of months ago about how employment tribunals are on the rise. We’ve already given you some tips on how to deal with them, but the best solution is to avoid them entirely. Fortunately, your new Practice Management webinar tells you how to do precisely that.

In this webinar, James Cronin of Eight Legal will explain exactly how you can protect yourself from lawsuits by using simple but effective strategies to make sure you don’t give anybody a desire or justification to take you to court. James will also give advice on how to take precautions without hampering the growth of your business, so you can protect both yourself and your employees. You can read James Cronin’s blog here.

If you missed our last Practice Management webinar, “Should I stay or should I go now….. an update,” you can watch the recording now. Here, Vicky and Alan Robinson give you all the latest information you will need if you are considering making a change in your career.

See you on a webinar soon!


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