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"Lead RVN: What’s in a name?"

Tuesday 23rd June, 12:30pm BST

Presented by Gillian A Page

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About the webinar

Although traditionally ‘Head Nurse’ might be the accepted title for those leading a veterinary nursing team, this webinar will explore why it might be better to consider a ‘Lead’ rather than a ‘Head’, acknowledging that a Headship doesn’t necessarily mean Leadership.
The role of the Lead RVN is a highly influential one. It is dynamic, multi-faceted and if done well, can provide opportunities to influence and create an environment in which the whole veterinary team can flourish.
Having a Lead role allows for other talented and influential team members to come up alongside in different ‘Leads’ e.g. medical, surgical, wards etc. It has the absolute positive of giving more of the nursing team an increased and shared responsibility which leads to an increased self-confidence in the job, a sense of well-being and they may just stay longer in the job so it aids retention.

Learning Objectives

• Understand the role and function of a Lead RVN
• How to grow and develop a team to encourage individual confidence and job satisfaction.
• How confidence can improve individual ability to succeed under pressure.
• Improve listening and communication skills to build trust and respect with colleagues, improving team productivity.
• Be able to better stretch and challenge colleagues.
• Refine your practice as a leader to maximise the opportunities and outcomes for your team.
• Work effectively alongside colleagues to refine and develop their practice.

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About the speaker

Gillian A Page BSc RVN Cert (B&PS)

Gillian was one of the first RVNs in the UK to own a veterinary practice and was co-founder of Ayrton Veterinary Hospital. The business opened in 1999, progressing to a purpose-built Veterinary Hospital in 2006. Gillian was part of the design team and co-project managed the build.
She managed the sale of Ayrton to Independent Vet care in 2017 but continues in the role of Business Director.
As Centre Manager for The College of Animal Welfare, she was involved as Deputy Programme Leader in the setting up of Scotland’s first BSc (Hons) Degree in Veterinary Nursing in.
Her interest is in Leadership, practice culture and clinical workflow. She holds the European School of Veterinary Post Graduate Studies (ESVPS) Certificate in Business & Professional Skills (Cert B&PS).
Gillian is Senior Vice President of the Veterinary Management Group (VMG) of which she was President 2019 – 2020.

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