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Mastitis: Diagnosis 2.0
Presented by Ricardo Bexiga
Tuesday 29th June 2021, 6.00pm CET

About the webinar

This webinar is part of a 3-episode series on Milk Quality. This 2nd episode addresses fundamental questions related to mastitis diagnosis, in its multitude of layers. From the challenges of current clinical mastitis diagnosis in increasingly large farms, to the diagnosis of mastitis pathogens. It covers the determination on new infection rates at different moments of the cow production cycle and also addresses most of the information that can be obtained from milk recording beyond somatic cell counts. Finally, this training discusses possible sources of problems that may lead to increased total bacteria counts in milk.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the pitfalls and possible solutions for clinical mastitis diagnosis in modern dairy farms
  • Understand the potential role of bulk tank PCR and on-farm bacteriology in mastitis pathogen diagnosis
  • Understand how to measure new infections in the lactating herd and over the dry period
  • Gain knowledge on what information can additionally be extracted from milk recording
  • Gain some insight into investigating total bacteria count problems

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Meet the speaker

Ricardo Bexiga

Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (FMV), University of Lisbon in 2000. Worked has a practitioner with a focus on dairy cattle for several years, and worked in mastitis diagnosis concurrently at FMV Lisbon. Was a resident of the European College of Bovine Health Management, in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a diplomate of that College since 2008. Concluded his PhD on bovine mastitis at FMV Lisbon, in 2011. Currently is a lecturer of Production Animal Clinics, Reproduction and Obstetrics, Herd Health and Microbiology, at FMV Lisbon. Continues to work in private practice at Serbuvet, a practice with seven veterinarians working with ruminants, where he focuses in herd health topics. Has published 31 articles in international peer-reviewed scientific journals, one book and three book chapters. Former President of the Portuguese Buiatrics Association.