23rd november 2021 | 13 minutes

The Role Of Veterinarians In Food Security

With Anthony Chadwick and Karla Verastegui

About this episode

Today’s episode of VetChat by The Webinar Vet is the third of our bite-size content taken from the April 2021 WVA Virtual Seminar on Food Security. The seminar aimed to raise awareness and promote the veterinary role in achieving global food security through the establishment of relevant partnerships with other professionals, integrating veterinary expertise into current and future global food security programs and identifying possible workforce opportunities for veterinarians outside of clinical practice.

This episode is a talk by Karla Verastegui on the role of veterinarians in food security. She talks about how veterinarians are needed along the whole food production chain. Including production, transportation, abattoirs, processing, and research and development.

Watch the full WVA Virtual Seminar: Food Security webinar here