Series 1

Presented by Ben Sweeney

A brand new podcast for the veterinary profession where we’ll be chatting about everything from clinical cases to hot topical debates!

New episodes for 2021:

VetChat S1 Ep 1 - "The Millennial Pet Parent" - Ciara Clarke

Ben Sweeney | February 25 2020

In this episode, Ben is joined by Ciara Clarke to discuss everything from Tom Hardy, millennial “pet parents” and their expectations and trust of the veterinary profession to trends in pet nutrition, CBD oil and improving the client experience. You can find Ciara at and

VetChat S1 Ep 2 - "Intruder Alert! Impostor Syndrome in the Veterinary Profession" - Katie Ford

Ben Sweeney | February 26 2020

Ben is joined by Katie Ford, who wears the duel caps of being a vet and a trained coach in cognitive behaviour therapy and broadband consciousness. If you’re the kind of person who is a perfectionist, who constantly discounts your own success and focuses on your failures – you probably have impostor syndrome. The good news is it’s a lot more common than you may realise, and here Katie will run through some preventative mind techniques for veterinary professionals to counteract the negative voice in their brain and become more confident.  You can find Katie at on Instagram or at


VetChat S1 Ep 3 - "From Bloated Goldfish to BVA President" - Daniella Dos Santos

Ben Sweeney | February 27 2020

Joining us on today’s episode is current BVA president Daniella Dos Santos, who will be talking about her work on the Ethics and Welfare panel, her special interest in exotic pets, and why she is passionate about the work of the BVA. Plus, learn why being a vet is about loving people just as much as animals.

VetChat S1 Ep 4 - "50 Shades of Green" - Laura Higham

Ben Sweeney | February 28 2020

Laura Higham is a consultant in sustainable livestock production for the food animal initiative. Here, she chats to Ben about her involvement with Vet Sustain, a new group which is dedicated to making the veterinary business more sustainable. Hear Laura and Ben talk about the state of modern farming, asking how we should reframe our understanding of food production in the current climate (both meteorological and social), and what we need to do to ensure eco concerns and animal welfare are considered in tandem with the rising demand for food globally.

VetChat S1 Ep 5 - "Street Vet Shoutout to Tom Hardy!" - Jade Statt

Ben Sweeney | February 29 2020

In today’s episode, Ben is joined by Jade Statt, co-director and founder of Street Vet. In this episode, Jade and Ben chat about how and why Street Vet came to be, her best and most challenging moments along the process and what the next steps are for the charity and how we as a profession can get involved and help. There may also be a small mention of Tom Hardy.

VetChat S1 Ep 6 - "One Health got to do, got to do with it" - Simon Doherty

Ben Sweeney | March 1 2020

Joining Ben in this episode is Simon Doherty discussing all things One Health. Ben and Simon will chat about what One Health really is, what it is One Health is working towards and how individuals in the veterinary profession can have an impact. You can find out more about One Health and the One Health in Action Report here: 

VetChat S1 Ep 7 - "Innovation for the Nation - Innovations in the Veterinary Profession" - Anthony Roberts

Ben Sweeney | March 2 2020

Ben is joined by Anthony Roberts Director of Leadership and Innovation at the RCVS. In this episode, Anthony and Ben talk about how and why RCVS are embracing innovation, why vets and nurses are so good at innovating, Vivet, turning your idea into an innovation and how animal welfare can sometimes contradict client wants or needs. You can find out more about ViVet here:

VetChat S1 Ep 8 - "Vets Get Digital" - Susie Samuel

Ben Sweeney | March 3 2020

In this episode, Ben is joined by Susie Samuel, founder and CEO of VetHelpDirect and VetsDigital. Ben and Susie will chat about how VetHelpDirect came to be, the impact of embracing more digital in your practice, where the profession is falling short in terms of digital adoption, what the common mistakes are that practices make, telling case stories instead of case studies and much more. This isn’t an episode to miss! Find out more about VetsDigital here:

VetChat S1 Ep 9 - "PDP "Parent Development Phase" - Liz Barton

Ben Sweeney | March 4 2020

Joining Ben today is Liz Barton, editor of Veterinary Woman, the co-founder of VetMums and the WellVet movement. In this episode, Ben and Liz will chat about what’s harder, being a mum or a vet, the similarities of perfectionism in being a vet and being a mum, the struggles of being a woman and a mum in the veterinary profession and more. VetMums: WellVet:

VetChat S1 Ep 10 - "World Wide Web(inar) Vet Life" - Anthony Chadwick

Ben Sweeney | March 5 2020

In our final episode of our 10 day first series of VetChat, Ben is joined by a very special guest, CEO and founder of The Webinar Vet, Anthony Chadwick. Ben and Anthony chat about everything The Webinar Vet, from how it came about, to the highs and lows throughout the journey in the last 10 years and where the business is looking forward to in the next 10 years. Join in the chat on social media and share how you’ve changed in the last 10 years with hashtag #WebVet10YearChallenge