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VetChat S4 Episode 6: Shawn Wilkie - Introducing Talkatoo

Anthony Chadwick | 1st March 2021

Joining Anthony for today’s episode is Shawn Wilkie, CEO of Talkatoo, a voice dictation software. They talk about Shawn’s career so far, how technology has changed over the last 12 months, and how Talkatoo can help those in the veterinary profession.

We apologise for the sound quality issues in this episode!

Find out more about Talkatoo here.

VetChat S4 Episode 5: Paul Manktelow - Adapting To The Pandemic

Anthony Chadwick | 22nd February 2021

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of VetChat is Paul Manktelow, Principal Vet at PDSA and founder of Vital Pet Health. They talk about Paul’s career in veterinary and presenting, the PDSA’s continued efforts to help patients during the pandemic and Paul’s work as a board trustee at StreetVet.

Keep up to date with Paul here.

VetChat S4 Episode 4: Thom Jenkins - Digitalising The Veterinary World

Anthony Chadwick | 15th February 2021

Today’s episode of VetChat is hosted by Anthony Chadwick, he is joined by Thom Jenkins, Co-Founder and CEO of ‘PetsApp’. They talk about Thom’s great and varied career so far, the world going digital and the purpose behind ‘PetsApp’.

Find out more about PetsApp here

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VetChat S4 Episode 3: Pete Wedderburn - Change Within The Veterinary Profession

Ben Sweeney | 25th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Pete Wedderburn, media veterinarian with regular national TV and radio appearances, and writer for a column in the Daily Telegraph since 2007. They chat about Pete’s 35 years of experience, how the veterinary profession has changed over time and how to get the most out of your time within it.

Find out more about Pete here

You can keep up to date with Pete here

VetChat S4 Episode 2: Laura Massey-Pugh - SteLa Tandem Around the World

Ben Sweeney | 18th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is Laura Massey-Pugh, Small Animal Vet. They chat all about ‘SteLa Tandem Around the World’ which is Laura’s and her husband Steven’s attempt to cycle around the World on a tandem bicycle in 180 days, setting a new World Record.

You can find out more about SteLa Tandem Around the World here

Keep up to date with Laura and Steven here

VetChat S4 Episode 1: James Russell - Behind The Scenes at BVA

Ben Sweeney | 11th January 2021

Joining Ben for today’s episode of VetChat is James Russell, BVA President. Ben and James discuss what has been going on behind the scenes at BVA in light of the new government guidelines and what teams can do at a practice level to work through this time.

You can find more information from the BVA here

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