Including Covid-19 Bonus Episodes.

Presented by Ben Sweeney

VetChat S2 Ep 15 - "Love Your Vet Nurses" - Lou Northway

Ben Sweeney | 25 June 2020

Joining Ben today is Lou Northway, Clinical Nurse Lead at Wendover Heights Veterinary Centre and social media influencer – otherwise known as Lou the Vet Nurse Ben and Lou chat about how she made the decision to become a vet nurse and the highs and lows of her career ever since. They also chat about Lou’s experience being more in the public eye.

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VetChat S2 Ep 14 - "Diversity and Inclusion: What’s the Big Deal?" - Daniella Dos Santos and Navaratnam Partheeban

Ben Sweeney | 12 June 2020

Joining Ben today is BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos and co-founder of British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society (BVEDS), Navaratnam Partheeban. In this incredibly important episode, Ben, Daniella and Theeb discuss diversity, inclusion and discrimination in its many forms across the veterinary profession.

We apologise for any sound issues in this episode, but we deemed it too important to miss out on – they disappear later on in the episode so please be patient!

Find out more about BVEDS here or follow them on Facebook @BritishVEDS and Twitter @bveds2016. You can also contact them for more information on:

VetChat S2 Ep 13 - "For The Many, From Bought By Many" - Oke Eleazu

Ben Sweeney | 10 June 2020

In today’s episode, Ben is joined by Oke Eleazu, Chief Operating Officer at Bought By Many. Ben and Oke discuss Bought By Many and how they came about and how they have created a truly customer-centric business and how we can learn about this. They also chat about why Bought By Many value their veterinary relationship so much and therefore why they’re giving over 100,000 hours of CPD to vet nurses in a partnership with The Webinar Vet.

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VetChat S2 Ep 12 - "Finances in a Crisis" - Gudrun Ravetz and Andrew Snowball

Ben Sweeney | 27 May 2020

Joining Ben in today’s episode in Gudrun Ravetz from VetYou and Andrew Snowball from Lighthouse Financial Advice. Ben, Gudrun and Andrew discuss how to plan your financial future, how to build confidence around your finances, what to do in the circumstances of financial trouble and much more.

You can find out more about VetYou here.

You can find out more about Lighthouse Financial Advice here.

VetChat S2 Ep 10 - "The Smart Way to Vet with Smart.Vet" - Sharon Quinn and Jason Warnock

Ben Sweeney | 20 May 2020

Joining Ben today is Sharon Quinn and Jason Warnock from Ontario-based telehealth platform, Smart.Vet. In this episode, Ben, Sharon and Jason chat about how Smart.Vet came about, how it has developed as a platform over the last 3 years and why a telehealth platform is an important addition to the client journey vs traditional video platforms, as well as what sets Smart.Vet apart with the recent influx of telehealth platforms launching in the profession.

You can find out more about Smart.Vet’s UK launch here. 

VetChat S2 Ep 9 - "The Leap to Industry" - Tony Noble

Ben Sweeney | 13 May 2020

Joining Ben for today’s episode is Tony Noble, managing director of Noble Futures. Ben and Tony chat about how Tony started out with Noble Futures, what to consider when moving from clinical work to industry, getting the right person for a client and how Noble Futures is coping with the changes brought about by Covid-19.
You can find out more about Noble Futures here. 

VetChat S2 Ep 8 - "Client Experience during Covid-19" - Alison Lambert

Ben Sweeney | 6 May 2020

In today’s episode, Ben is joined by founder of OnSwitch, Alison Lambert. Ben and Alison chat about the insights the profession can take from the changes for the veterinary team and the customer care journey and what they might mean in the short and long term overall.

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You can find out more about Onswitch here.

VetChat S2 Ep 7 - "A-Specialist for You" Virtual Veterinary Specialists - Nuala Summerfield

Ben Sweeney | 29 April 2020

On VetChat today, Ben is joined by Nuala Summerfield, co-founded of Virtual Veterinary Specialists. In this episode, Ben and Nuala chat about everything VVS: from how they look at addressing the “black and white” issue when it comes to referrals, how they support practices with specialist knowledge without the typical barriers that may come with referrals and how COVID-19 has changed the business.

A big thanks to VVS for sponsoring this episode of VetChat

You can check out VVS’ podcasts with The Webinar Vet here.

You can check out their COVID-19 resources here. 

VetChat S2 Ep 6 - "The WVAC 2020 Journey"

Ben Sweeney & Anthony Chadwick | 24 April 2020

In this episode, Ben is joined by Leanne Fecser, Head of Education and Events for NZVA and project manager for WVAC 2020 and Anthony Chadwick, CEO and founder of The Webinar Vet. In this episode, Ben, Leanne and Anthony chat about the ups and downs of the process of getting WVAC 2020 off the ground from the very start to now, as well as the process of adapting the congress to be fully digital in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can find out more about ‘WVAC 2020 Veterinary Professionals of the World Unite!’ here. 

VetChat S2 Ep 5 - "Digital Advocacy" - Thom Jenkins

Ben Sweeney | 23 April 2020

In today’s episode, Ben is chatting to co-founder and CEO of PetsApp, Thom Jenkins. Ben and Thom chat about using digital technology to improve patient advocacy and what this looks like in real-life practices.

This podcast is kindly sponsored by PetsApp. Petsapp helps veterinary clinics to more deeply engage with pet owners to better advocate for pets, it includes role-based text chat, with the potential to deploy the capabilities of the entire veterinary team, as well as video consultation and payment processing capabilities. By adopting Petsapp in your clinic you can: monetise a previously un-monetisable touchpoint (the phone call!), improve capacity utilisation and generate leads.

They think it’s wrong that 92% of all pet issues go unaddressed by veterinary expertise, and want to help you solve for that.

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VetChat S2 Ep 4 - "Disaster Mindset" - Libby Kemkaran-Thompson

Ben Sweeney | 15 April 2020

Joining Ben today is behavioural psychology expert Libby Kemkaran-Thompson. Ben and Libby chat about how to use the power of your brain to regain the feeling of control and calm in these scary times.

You can hear Libby’s full webinar with The Webinar Vet here.

With thanks to SPVS for this episode of VetChat, you can find out more about SPVS here.

VetChat S2 Ep 3 - "It's Mental" - Stephen, Nick and Anna

Ben Sweeney | 30 March 2020

In this very special episode of VetChat, we’re bringing you not one, not two but three guests! Ben is joined today by Stephen, Anna and Nick from Its Mental, an organisation that provides people with knowledge and skills on how to better manage their Mental Wellbeing. The guys chat about all things mental wellbeing and how you can take an active approach to looking after yourself and making it fit around your busy life. You can find out more about Its Mental here:

VetChat S2 Ep 2 - "Ridin' Solo" - Natalie Morris

Ben Sweeney | 23 March 2020

Today, Ben is joined by Natalie Morris, owner and director of Malthouse Veterinary group. In today’s episode, Ben and Natalie chat about how she went about buying into her own practice and the highs and lows of being an independent practice in an increasingly corporate world.

VetChat S2 Ep 1 - "BVLGBT+ Life" - Dan Makin

Ben Sweeney | 16 March 2020

In this episode of VetChat, Ben is joined by the president of British Veterinary LGBT+, Dan Makin. In this episode, Ben and Dan discuss the importance of BVLGBT, what it is doing in the profession and what it hopes to achieve in the future. They also chat about what to do if you’re struggling, or how you can support others around you who may be struggling with LGBT issues – as well as Pride Month and what that means to the community as a whole.  You can find out more about BVLGBT+ here. 

If you’re struggling and need someone to chat to, VetLife provides a 24/7 phone and email helpline:

VetChat Covid-19 Bonus Episode - "Coming Together as a Profession" John Innes

Ben Sweeney | 7 April 2020

Joining Ben for another episode covering COVID-19 and the veterinary profession is John Innes, Chief Veterinary Officer for CVS. John and Ben chat about how the profession is coming together as a whole, how some are using innovation to overcome barriers and how, regardless of whether a practice is an independent or part of a corporate group, the most important thing to do right now is work together to make it through to the other side.

VetChat Covid-19 Bonus Episode - A "Thank You" to the Veterinary Profession - Daniella Dos Santos

Ben Sweeney | 2 April 2020

Joining Ben for another COVID-19 bonus episode is BVA president, Daniella Dos Santos for a chat about how herself and the BVA are working to protect not just BVA members, but the whole profession during these uncertain times. They chat about what the BVA has been working on behind the scenes, the realities of furlough for the entire practice and of course, take time to say a huge thank you to those in the profession out there on the front line.

VetChat Covid-19 Bonus Episode - Flavio Morchi - Coronavirus in Italy

Ben Sweeney | 29 March 2020

In the third of our bonus episodes covering the outbreak of Covid-19, Ben is joined by Flavio Morchi, an Italian vet currently living in North-West Italy. In this episode, Ben and Flavio discuss how the outbreak has affected life in Italy, the effect it has had on veterinary practices and what the lasting effects of the outbreak could look like.

VetChat Covid-19 Bonus Episode - Simon Whitehead - Furlough in the Veterinary Profession

Ben Sweeney | 28 March 2020

In the second of our bonus episodes covering the outbreak of Covid-19, Ben is back and he is joined by Simon Whitehead, one of the partners at Brabners law firm in Liverpool, to discuss all aspects of “furlough” and this means across the veterinary profession as a result of the government measures announced last week. Ben and Simon chat about the definition of furlough, how it will impact members of the profession across all different types of employment, how employers should approach furlough in their practice and more. 

VetChat Covid-19 Bonus Episode - Anthony Chadwick with Alasdair Hotston Moore

Anthony Chadwick | 27 March 2020

In the first of our bonus episodes covering the outbreak of Covid-19, CEO and founder of The Webinar Vet, Anthony Chadwick takes the hosting reins and is joined by Alasdair Hotston Moore from Concordia Petcare in Shanghai. Anthony and Alasdair discuss how the outbreak has played out from his perspective in Shanghai.