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"Human behaviour change for animals and the natural world"

Wednesday 30th September 2020, 8:00 pm BST

Presented by Libby Kemkaran-Thompson and Suzanne Rogers

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About the webinar:

For vets and animal welfare professionals, the ultimate goal is to change the behaviour of animal owners in order to improve the lives of the animals. To be as effective as we can be, we need optimum owner compliance. This webinar will explore some of the principles of human behaviour change with a focus on the communication skills needed to apply them. The root cause of much animal suffering is human behaviour. However, traditional approaches to improving animal welfare have focussed on providing a service, such as accessible veterinary treatment.

The understanding of why people do what they do, don’t do what you’d like them to, and more often than not do not change their behaviour, is the holy grail of anyone with something to sell, a campaign to promote or a desire to improve the world. For this reason human behaviour change has been studied by experts in marketing, psychology, development, and health and education programmes – understanding human behaviour is important for anyone with an interest in helping the world to be a better place for humans or animals.

This webinar will provide vets and animal welfare professionals with a good understanding of the theories of human behaviour change and the interpersonal skills required to be able to apply them effectively.

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About the speakers

Libby Kemkaran-Thompson MA VetMB MRCVS

Libby was a consultant in the city delivering Change Management/Business development before she then retrained as a vet.  She graduated 2011 from University of Cambridge with the Pfizer prize for Outstanding Achievement.  A lifelong student of Behavioural Psychology she took the opportunity whilst there to also undertake a degree in Biological and Biomedical Science, major in Behaviour, specifically Neural Mechanisms.  She then spent 5yrs working as a Small Animal Clinician before a car crash left her unable to perform surgery.  She now works 1:1 Neurocoaching vets and corporate companies, and helps people get unstuck, find the root of the problem and rewire themselves for success. 

She delivers training and Executive coaching on Leadership, Communications, High Performance, and Strategy.

Libby was the Keynote speaker for last year’s SPVS Snowscene presenting for the week topics on Human Behavioural Psychology and ‘why people do what they do’. 

Suzanne Rogers

Suzanne Rogers started her career in science publishing before re-qualifying in animal behaviour and welfare, gaining extensive practical experience with several animal welfare organisations and working as an equine behaviour consultant. In 2007, Suzanne joined the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) as a Programmes Manager.  The role was to develop and test behaviour change approaches – working with communities to change the way they manage and care for their animals (focussing on working equines and roaming dogs). Suzanne led the move away from a heavy focus on mobile clinics towards prevention through participatory approaches. In 2016, Suzanne co-founded Human Behaviour Change for Animals with Jo White.

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