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"An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture for Vets"

13 May 2020, 8pm BST

Presented by Marie Richardson, Jonty Brunyee & Caroline Grindrod

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About the webinar

In current times, it is ever more important to ensure our land and animals are thriving and will continue to thrive for future generations. In this webinar we will take a look at ecosystem processes and how this can relate to farming. We will introduce  common techniques to increase land health using livestock and showcase how these ideas can work in practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of soil health and ecosystem processes
  • Understand the potential for welfare within regenerative management.
  • Understand the basics of holistic planned grazing
  • Understand the basics of tree use with livestock
  • Understand the basics of herbal additions to pasture

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About the speakers

Caroline Grindrod

Caroline is a consultant in regenerative livestock and food systems. An accredited professional in Holistic Management.

Jonty Brunyee

Jonty, a Nuffield Farming Scholar, is an organic regenerative farmer in the Cotswolds. He is also manager of FarmED, the new centre for farm and food education. He was, until recently, a senior lecturer at the Royal Agricultural University and a Director of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association.

Marie Richardson

Marie is a vet who is studying a Masters in Agroecology, focusing on ‘How vets can effectively contribute to sustainability in farming.’

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