Are you aware that May is Vet Nurse Awareness Month? This month is dedicated to highlighting the important role that nurses play in practice, so if you see a nurse then make sure to point them out to passers-by so that awareness is raised. Also, you may consider showing your appreciation by giving them gifts, perhaps a box of chocolates or a jar of peanut butter or other confectionary, to demonstrate just how much your nurse means to you.

If you are a nurse, well, good news – May is all about you! This is your time where you can make all those crazy demands you’ve been thinking of for the past eleven months. Does the head vet have a cool hat that you secretly want? They have to give it to you now. Been hoping to get the manager to take you to work in a rickshaw every day? If they refuse, just tell them they’re not observing Vet Nurse Awareness Month!

Okay, it’s possible we may have exaggerated the power that Vet Nurse Awareness Month grants you, but it’s still good to have a whole month dedicated to your awareness. Even the Earth only gets a day. Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month was originally started by the British Veterinary Nursing Association in 2005 as National VN Day, and was subsequently expanded into a full month in 2012.

Many practices use VNAM as a time to promote the role of nurses by undertaking sponsored activities, or going out to do promotional work with the general public. You can get yourself a FREE VNAM pack from the BVNA, including a poster and other promotional items, so you can make a display within your practice or college.

However you choose to spend this VNAM, we hope you have a good time. To help you out, for this week only, we’re offering our Client Care Course for just £77 + VAT.

People handle grief in different ways. Some people close themselves off emotionally, and prefer to be left alone. Others need to be supported, and desire the consolations of those around them. In the veterinary profession there will always be a need to deal with people who are in an agitated state, and that is never greater than in the sad moment when a pet is at the end of their life.

Knowing how to behave appropriately towards a bereaved owner can be difficult, which is why we’ve put together a course giving you guidance on this difficult issue. Knowing how to deal with these kinds of difficult scenarios in a way that doesn’t cause upset, while resolving the issue in a professional way is a talent in of itself, and one you can practice by taking the Client Care at Animals End of Life Course.

Here, Caroline Hewson (MVB PhD MRCVS) gives you three and a half hours of great advice on how to talk to people whose pets are terminally ill, guiding them compassionately about euthanasia and all the unpleasantness that comes with it.

This course normally costs £97 + VAT, but for this week only we are reducing it to £77 + VAT. Don’t miss out on this amazing offer; buy your ticket today!

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