21st January 2022 1 | 20:45

Vet Mentor: Helping Veterinary Students

Alexander Davies

About this episode

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of VetChat by The Webinar Vet is Alexander Davies, President of Vet Mentor and BVA’s Young Veterinarian of the Year 2021. 

Vet Mentor is the UK’s largest veterinary social enterprise, renowned for widening access to veterinary medicine, providing courses and educational resources for veterinary school applicants. They have scholarships and opportunities available for veterinary students and vets.

In this episode, Anthony and Alexander talk a little bit about Alex himself and what made him want to become a vet, they discuss his role at Vet Mentor and how the company are helping to aid students applying to a veterinary degree. They also talk about the future of veterinary student recruitment, how we can help to diversify the veterinary profession, and some of Vet Mentors upcoming projects – including filming some badger vaccinations!