24th December 2021 | 27:08

Understanding One Health

Deborah Thomson

About this episode

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of our sustainability series on VetChat by The Webinar Vet, is Deborah Thomson, Veterinarian and Chair of World Veterinary Association’s One Health Education. One Health aims to teach all ages about the connection between human, animal and environmental health. They educate on how people can collaborate to make the world healthier and more sustainable.


In this episode, Anthony and Deborah discuss the concept of one health, Deborah shares her experience in developing collaboration between doctors, veterinarians, and other medical professionals, and they also discuss other topics centred around sustainability. Deborah give us some insight into her book ‘The Art of Science Communication – Sharing Knowledge with Students, the Public, and Policymakers’, and why all our listeners should give it a read!


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