18th February 2022 | 35 minutes

The ‘Positive Pawprint’ strategy - IVC Evidensia and Sustainability (Part Two)

With Anthony Chadwick, Sarah Heath and Lisa King

About this episode

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of our sustainability series on VetChat by The Webinar Vet are Sarah Heath, Sustainability & ESG Director at IVC Evidensia and Lisa King, group HR director for IVC Evidensia.


In this episode, Anthony and his guests talk through the final pillar of IVC Evidensia’s new sustainability strategy – people. They discuss what IVC Evidensia are doing to make their practices a great place to work in, including starting conversations, signposting where to get help, and mental health guidance training. Lisa also talks about their donation to VetLife and the great work that the charity are doing, and IVC Evidensia’s mission to increase diversity within the veterinary profession.


Sarah outlines their partnership with the British Bee Veterinary Association to introduce ‘Bee Friendly Practices’. She explains how more sustainable practices and nicer environments will lead to better welfare in the workplace and talks through IVC Evidensia’s journey to net-zero climate impact across all their practices globally.


Read more on IVC Evidensia’s first sustainability report here.