14th January 2022 | 30:26

The ‘Positive Pawprint’ Strategy

IVC Evidensia and Sustainability (Part One)

About this episode

Joining Anthony for today’s episode of our sustainability series on VetChat by The Webinar Vet are Sarah Heath, Sustainability & ESG Director at IVC Evidensia and Alistair Cliff, Deputy Chief Medical Officer at IVC Evidensia.

In this episode, Anthony and his guests talk through the first two pillars of IVC Evidensia’s new sustainability strategy. Sarah shares information on their plans to educate their vets and practices to become more sustainable and talks about their journey towards net-zero carbon emissions through renewable electricity sources, vehicle electrification, and adapting practice buildings themselves. Alistair talks through IVC Evidensia’s antibiotic stewardship plans and their targets to reduce dependency, improve infection prevention and improve clinical outcomes.

Find out more and register for VC2022 and the Sustainability Summit here.

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