First, I would like to congratulate Sandy Trees on his elevation to The House of Lords. What a fantastic honour for him! I am sure we have someone who will really be placing animal welfare and control of disease at the forefront of the work he will do in The Lords.

Sandy, as many of you know, is a recent president of the RCVS which has recently modernised the code of professional conduct. There is much to commend it. It has been reduced in size and made much more concise with supporting documents on the RCVS website for those who wish to delve deeper. Alternatively for the technically savvy a QR code can be scanned using a smart phone or tablet.

Their main objective is to set out five fundamental principles of practice for vets and nurses to adhere to in order to ensure the health and welfare of animals committed to their care

  1. Professional Competence
  2. Honesty and Integrity
  3. Independence and Impartiality
  4. Client Confidentiality and Trust
  5. Professional Accountability

In previous incarnations of the code the word should was often used in terms of vets’ responsibilities. In the new edition, this word has been replaced with must. One of these areas is CPD. The new codes include the need for mandatory professional development for new graduates and mandatory CPD for all vets including clear records to be kept.

For the first time clinical governance is included along with a requirement for all practices to maintain minimum practice standards equivalent to the core standards of the Practice Standards Scheme, although, there is no obligation to join the scheme itself.

We will be running a free webinar on this in the near future so watch this space.

Feel free to comment on this post. I feel the RCVS should be congratulated for their efforts in putting together this new code.



Whilst the Guide needed tweaking and making simpler by removing outdated linguobabble, I am interested to know what percentage of the RCVS Council stand to gain financially by making CPD mandatory. Did they also declare an interest when voting for this requirement? I imagine that if those gaining financially had not voted the requirement would still have been introduced, quite rightly IMHO, but, ever the cynic, I still ask the question!

The Webinar Vet Admin

I think it is a really positive move to make CPD compulsory as we all have a duty to the pets under our care to stay upto date. But maybe I have a vested interest too!


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