Dogs are more likely to catch Lyme disease in the UK than previous estimates suggest

Lyme disease is spread by infected ticks and causes flu-like conditions progressing, if untreated, to neurological problems and arthritis. The disease is transmissable to humans.

Lyme is growing in the UK, with 481 infected ticks in 100 000 dogs, a startling figure of 2.3% compared to previous estimates of as low as 1.79%.

Increased surveillance, awareness and tick-treatment is needed. Owners must be made aware of the dangers of Lyme disease, both to themselves and their pets.

Visit the Health Protection Agency to see full results of the study.

Native British breed at risk of extinction

The English Setter has joined 24 other breeds at risk of extinction in the UK, numbering only 234 Kennel Club registrations last year, a 33% decline from 2010.

Celebrity culture and a desire for more exotic and ‘famous’ breeds are driving breeds such as The English Setter out of fashion and, ultimately, to extinction.

The Kennel Club has spoken out against owners who shun native breeds in favour of exotic ones, claiming few owners know or understand exotic breeds well enough to provide the right lifestyle for them. The Kennel Club blames the decline on ‘fickle tastes and celebrity culture’ – aspects of our society that are not easily combatted in mainstream culture.

For more information on The English Setter and Kennel Club services visit The Kennel Club website.

Have you got brains and brawn? Do you have what it takes to try the Vet Charity Challenge 2012?

Veterinary practices and companies have an opportunity to take part in a day-long charity event to raise money for Hounds for Heroes, SPANA and the Pet Blood Bank.

The Vet Charity Challenge will consist of both physical and problem-solving tasks, including cycling, kayaking, walking and running. Anyone of any fitness level can enter in a team of four.

It’s for a good cause, it’ll be fun and it’ll bring your team closer together: sign up for the Vet Charity Challenge today.

10% of practices across the UK joined Canine Prostate Awareness Month (CPAM) in November

Feedback on CPAM showed many owners were unaware of the dangers of canine prostate cancer and its prevalance. The campaign, one of Virbac’s most successful, educated owners and led to an increased number of prostate checks.

The campaign ran alongside Movember last November, in which thousands of men grew moustaches to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer.

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