They say home is where the heart is, and we’ve now officially made our new home in the heart of Liverpool, upgrading to a new dynamic, ergonomic office space in Liverpool Science Park, adjacent to the landmark Catholic cathedral. We are now at the centre of the hypermodern zeitgeist. All three of our departments are in one large conjoined space, allowing for optimal office synergy, and we have upgraded our technological connectivity too. All our furniture is black and white, and the walls are 80% glass. A van periodically comes around selling fresh fruit and vegetables. There’s an office designed like a garden, a garden designed like an office, and some of us are even debating wearing black polo neck shirts everywhere. If it all sounds very Silicon Valley, well, it kind of is. We even have a Pilates group on site – that’s just the kind of company we are now.

The office is so technologically advanced that images of it cannot be captured on regular cameras

None of this has dampened our enthusiasm for bringing you top quality webinars, of course. If anything, we now feel more confident of our ability to provide you with the kind of service that will make our way of doing CPD the way of the future. We continue to push the boundaries of online learning, exploring new ideas and taking worthwhile chances. What we’re saying is, watch this ergonomic space.

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