Laurent Garosi DVM DipECVN MRCVS, Davies Veterinary Specialists has updated the following Neurology components in Canis:

Hepatic encephalopathy
Hydrocephalus: congenital
Vestibular disease: geriatric
Vestibulocochlear neutritides

High definition oscillometry (HDO) proportedly gives faster and more accurate readings of systolic, mean and diastolic arterial blood pressures. Jackie Brearley MA VetMB PhD DVA DipECVA MRCA MRCVS, University of Cambridge, UK has added information on HDO to our existing topic on:

Arterial blood pressure: oscillometric


Following requests for information on amputation of the forelimb including the scapula, a new technique on this procedure has been provided by Laura Owen BVSc CertSAS MRCVS, University of Cambridge, UK:

Amputation: forequarter

Related items:

Amputation: thoracic limb
Pelvic limb: amputation

The following topic has been added to the Neurology section of Felis:

Cerebrospinal fluid: protein

In addition to providing this new component, Laurent Garosi DVM DipECVN MRCVS, Davies Veterinary Specialists has updated the following topics:

Hepatic encephalopathy
Hydrocephalus: congenital
Sacrocaudal dysgenesis of Manx cats
Thiamine deficiency
Vestibular disease


The Anaesthesia section has been expanded with two new topics written by Adam Auckburally BVSc CertVA DipECVAA PGCertAcPrac MRCVS, from the University of Glasgow:

Anaesthesia: standing chemical restraint – foal
Anaesthesia: general – foal

Adam has also updated the following topics:

Anaesthesia: standing chemical restraint
Anaesthesia: general – overview

Lungworm infection is caused by Dictyocaulus arnfieldi, which is an occasional cause of parasitic bronchitis in horses co-grazing with donkeys.

The Lungworm infection topic on Equis has been updated by Dr Timothy Mair BVSc PhD DEIM DESTS DipECEIM MRCVS, from The Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic:

Lungworm infection

Related information:

Dictyocaulus arnfieldi


Polycystic kidney disease is a congenital condition commonly seen in New Zealand White rabbits. This new topic has been written by Livia Benato GPCert(ExAP) DVM MRCVS from the University of Edinburgh:

Kidney: polycystic disease

Related topics:

New Zealand White

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