19th April 2022 | 35 minutes

Sustainable(ish): The Home Of Easy, Everyday Sustainability

With Anthony Chadwick & Jen Gale

About this episode

Joining Anthony for this episode of our sustainability series on VETchat by The Webinar Vet is Jen Gale, founder of Sustainable(ish) and author of The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide. Sustainable(ish) is ‘the home of easy, everyday sustainability for the #IMPERFECTLYGREEN, doing what you can, one baby step at a time. No preaching, no judgement, no expectations of eco-perfection.’


In this episode, Anthony and Jen have a great discussion on all things sustainability. Jen gives insight into her passion for sustainability, her year of buying nothing new, and her book writing process! They also talk about how we can help more people to get involved with sustainable living, the best approach to sustainability conversations and how we may be able to deal with climate anxiety. Other topics of conversation include Jen’s thoughts on offsetting, excessive consumerism, how veterinary professionals can make the next steps forward, and whether the pandemic could have been a sustainability reset.


Find more about sustainable(ish) here.