There’s an old saying that goes, “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem”. Of all the problems we face in society today, not taking mental health seriously still ranks as one of the worst, along with global warming, antibiotic resistance, and why Adam Sander is still allowed to make movies (seriously, who is paying him to keep doing this?). We here at The Webinar Vet don’t like being part of the problem, so we’re becoming part of the solution. We can’t stop global warming or antibiotic resistance (or, unfortunately, Adam Sandler), but we can do something to help vets express their feelings and talk more openly about mental health. That’s why we’re officially declaring this week our Summer Wellbeing Week for Vets, Nurses, SQPs, and Affiliated Veterinary People, or SWWVNSAVP for short – actually, no, that’s way too long…let’s just call it Summer Wellbeing Week. Yeah, that’s what it’s called. Summer Wellbeing Week.


So, welcome to Summer Wellbeing Week. The theme of Summer Wellbeing Week is “Take Charge of Your Life”. There are lots of things in this cruel, cruel world that we can’t control, but there are more things which do lie within our control than many of us realise. Most notably, we control our own emotions, our reactions, and what steps we can take to improve our lives. If something at work is bothering you, this week is the week you’ll go to talk to the manager about it. Seriously, just do it. Feel like you’re not getting enough support? Express yourself! Annoyed about an atmosphere of blame? Express yourself! Frustrated that you can’t even get five goddam minutes of peace to eat your lunch? Express yourself! Tell somebody how you feel. Don’t keep it bottled up inside. Do you deserve a raise? Demand one! Been thinking about getting a big, floppy sunhat but weren’t sure that you could pull it off? Get it! You’ll look fabulous. This is your week. People aren’t mind readers. If you don’t tell them how you feel, you’ll never get anywhere. You’ll just repress it further and further where it festers and turns into mental illness.

You’ll probably be familiar with all the depressing stats about veterinary being stressful and demanding and altogether emotionally exhausting. That’s sort of what Summer Wellbeing Week is about, but it’s also not – this isn’t about wallowing, but about action. This week is the week you take your life back. This is the week where anxiety stops controlling you. This is the week where you straighten your spine and lift your head up high and you laugh at your problems, for they do not control you. They are spectres, mirages in your mind, and you will banish them to the void where they belong. Summer Wellbeing Week has no need for such pitiful shadows of the soul. Disinfect your mind with the radiance of a new beginning. Start with a fresh mind. Just do it the way you want to. Don’t worry – you’ve got this under control. This is your week.

We’d like to get this whole thing started in style, so it would be great if you’d join us on social media. Just tell us what you’re thinking about this Wellbeing Week, and include the hashtag #VetWellbeingWeek. Maybe let us know what’s on your mind, or what action you’re taking this week to make it work for you. Whatever it is, we’re interested to hear it, so hit us up on social and help spread the word!


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