Student Year 5
Webinar Bundle

10 hours of CE/CPD for only £9.99+VAT!

What webinars are included?

Small animal surgery - abdominal emergencies

Presented by Zoe Halfacree

Large animal surgery basics

Presented by Paul Wood

Sutures and knot tying. What to use, when and how

Presented by Stefanos Kladakis

Equine emergencies

Presented by Debbie Archer

Update on equine surgical colics and recurrance prevention

Presented by Julia Dubuc

Exploratory laparotomy: a guided tour

Presented by Stephen Baines

Initial approach to the patient in respiratory distress

Presented by Lindsay Kellett Gregory

Cardiovascular emergencies: Diagnosis and management of pericardial disease

Presented by James McMurrough

Traumatic brain injury - how to keep your (and your patients) head together

Presented by Kerry Doolin

Management of emergencies and critical illness in pet ruminants, pigs and camelids

Presented by Gayle Hallowell