Student Year 4
Webinar Bundle

10 hours of CE/CPD for only £9.99+VAT!

What webinars are included?

Standing sedation for the equine patient

Presented by Patrick Burns

Goats- practitioners survival guide to common health problems

Presented by Ben Dustan

Farm animal analgesia

Presented by Gayle Hallowell

Herd udder management plans on dairy farms: the protocol approach

Presented by Jos Noordhuizen

Antimicrobial resistance on farms; what do we know so far?

Presented by Andrea Turner

Developmental orthopaedic disorders in young dogs and cats

Presented by Stuart Carmichael

Evidence based advice for controlling lamenes in UK sheep flocks

Presented by Katie Hovers

Cattle lameness - what I wish I had known 40 years ago

Presented by Roger Blowey

Equine orthopaedic emergencies - initial assessment and management

Presented by Rachel Tucker

Spinal disease: practical tips on diagnosis, prognosis, medical management and when surgery is the best

Presented by Peter Gilbert