Student Year 1
Webinar Bundle

10 hours of CE/CPD for only £9.99+VAT!

What webinars are included?

VC2021 - Ethics and Welfare

Presented by Emma Milne + Adam Clowes + Heather Bacon + Peter Stevenson + Rowena Packer

I think this animal has been a victim of cruelty, what next?

Presented by Caroline Allen

Religious objections and futile treatments: a primer for handling euthanasia disputes

Presented by Caroline Hewson

Feline infectious diseases and how we can prevent them

Presented by Martha Cannon

Infectious diseases in rabbits

Presented by John Chitty

Canine Leishmaniosis: what vets in the UK need to know

Presented by Myles McKenna

Zoonotic diseases of birds and exotic pets

Presented by Katherine Quesenberry

Imported diseases of small animals

Presented by Ian Ramsey

Flipping the script on vet Imposter Syndrome: why you're more than enough

Presented by Katie Ford

Tetanus Patient care

Presented by Katie Gray