Brandable Telehealth Platform for Veterinary Clinics


We are delighted to be partnering with Smart.Vet to bring practices in the UK and beyond what we consider one of the most game changing telehealth evolutions in veterinary services in recent times.

Smart.Vet is an end to end integration for your practice to offer telehealth services which, put in layman’s terms means that it is a white labelled product for your practice to offer telehealth services to your clientele.

Rather than your having to rely on a third party service to offer services to your client, this ‘white labelled’ product means that it is you communicating with them with your branding and building bonds between them and yourselves, not a third party.

Why not have a demonstration from the team?

We'll show you how and why Smart.Vet is the leading telehealth option for your practice and your brand moving forwards into the rest of 2020 and beyond.