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Kittenhood web series

During the first months of life your kitten will go through an amazing transformation. Royal Canin Kitten offers nutrition tailored to their unique needs at this vital time.

Episode 1

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First Age – Birth to 4 Weeks

Episode 2

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First Age – 4 Weeks to 4 Months

Episode 3

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Second Age – 4 months to neutering

Kitten web series

Episode 1 - Helios

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A kitten’s arrival changes everything

Episode 2 - Nelson

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Sterilisation has increased his appetite

Episode 3 - Misty

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She is full of energy!


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Boost Your Cat Potential!

Become the cat destination!


Should We Be Feeding Our Pets A Raw Food Diet?

A VETchat podcast episode with Anthony Chadwick and Georgia Woods-Lee

Joining Anthony for this episode of VETchat by The Webinar Vet is Georgia Woods-Lee, ROYAL CANIN Weight Management Clinic Nurse at the University of Liverpool.

In this episode, Anthony and Georgia discuss nutrition and diets in pets. Georgia explains why obesity is still a major issue with many animals today, and how we may be able to combat it. They also discuss raw diets,  how the market for this has evolved, and Georgia shares her main concerns with it, including nutritional adequacies and pathogen risks. Towards the end of the episode, Anthony also asks Georgia for her top 3 tips to offer a client whose pet needs help with weight management.