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This virtual event (5 sessions) consisted of live lectures from expert speakers.

Royal Canin are delighted to invite you to watch an exciting virtual event for you to engage with a diverse and dynamic panel of speakers who will address how as an industry we adapt for the future. The topics up for discussion were, of course, the view through the COVID lens, how millennials are leading the way as our pet care consumers, how do we develop of veterinary team strengths and enriching diversity with women in leadership.

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About the Webinars

This congress will be chaired by Ben Sweeney (BVSc MSc (VIDC) Cert AVP MRCVS).

You will be able to watch all of these webinars as recordings. The agenda for the day was as follows:


Welcome from Royal Canin



Carlos Michelsen – Managing Director, CM Research

There is one thing that can said about what the future will look like: it will not look like the past. Instead of trying to hope for a return to what once was, we need to act and prepare for what can be.


Women in Leadership

Andrea Jeffery – MSc, FHEA, DipAVN (Surg), Cert Ed, RVN – Chief Nursing Officer Linneaus

The veterinary profession has undergone a great demographic shift over the past 25 years, but the change in leadership hasn’t kept pace. Women, now more than half of the profession and rising, need to be better represented in leadership roles if we’re to deliver on the promise of veterinary medicine to society.

11:15 - BREAK


Meeting Pet Owner Expectations

Oke Eleazu – Chief Operating Officer, Bought By Many

No longer do Baby Boomers represent the largest portion of pet owners; that title now belongs to Millennials. Brands who will thrive in the Pet Ecosystem understand how our Millennial consumers differ from the other generations. Rising per capita income and growing pet adoptions for companionship lend to an increase in spending on pet care which will continue to boost the market.


Support your Team Strengths

Carolyne Crowe – BVetMed (Hons), BSc (Hons), MSc, Dip Coaching, Dip Stress Management and Wellbeing, FRCVS – Head of Training, VDS Training

Common goals for veterinary practices and hospitals across the country tend to focus on client retention and practice growth. For the practices we surveyed, a crucial component to reaching these goals is a skilled, dedicated and engaged team.

Having an effective team who feel valued and developed is key to delivering these outcomes. During this session we will cover how to get the best out of each person in your team, how to develop and engage them and how to play to their strengths.


Nutrition 360° Approach

When it comes to nutritional recommendation, a shared responsibility with the whole clinic team can support your clients’ need for nutritional advice. At Royal Canin, we offer a practical approach, tailored to your clinic, focused on five drivers proven to grow nutritional recommendations.


Panel Discussion

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