Another brilliant webinar from Neil Forbes on Thursday! He was talking about respiratory disease mainly in parrots. I learnt something absolutely new that I had never heard of before. Parrots can die very suddenly due to Teflon toxicosis. If you burn one of your Teflon coated pans as I have been known to do in the past, this can kill a parrot in another room in the house but certainly in the same room. Teflon, however, is also in self cleaning ovens, some household paints and sprayed on outdoor activity clothing. Can other vets let me know if they knew this or not? Did I miss that lecture? By the way parrots also don’t do well on chocolate, coffee or salty food. When a parrot lives with a smoker it is not a passive smoker but the equivalent smoker to the person smoking. Don’t smoke with parrots around!

The lecture also covered psittacosis. Neil recommended testing all new parrots for psittacosis but unfortunately no test is 100% accurate. Psittacosis is zoonotic and can potentially kill people so it is important to recommend that people visit a doctor if they are feeling sick and have a sick parrot.

The full lecture is available to gold members of The Webinar Vet

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