What do our members think of The Webinar Vet?

“There is so much great quality CPD here from renowned speakers available to you from the comfort of your own home and it is amazing value for money. What’s not to love! I try to regularly listen to webinars but also find I’m going back through the archive to view webinars to help me with difficult or challenging cases I’m dealing with currently.”

“It has made completing my CPD much easier and cheaper. And by looking through previous recordings/webinars I am finding things that I perhaps wouldn’t have initially viewed. I’d recommend The Webinar Vet, as the CPD is very easy to complete, there are interesting and informative webinars, which if watched live can sometimes be quite interactive.”

“Before joining The Webinar Vet, completing CPD was not that easy. I love the convenience of Webinar Vet and there’s such a wide variety of subjects. There’s something for everyone.”

“Before I joined The Webinar Vet, completing CPD was really tough. I’m a single practitioner and getting locums to fill in is nearly impossible so I have failed to do the required CPD often. Since joining, I can attend webinars in my downtime, and pick ones that are relevant and interesting! This makes achieving the requirements for CPD easier. Thank you!”

“It’s such a positive experience being a webinar vet member. I can do CPD whenever I feel like it, in the comfort of my own home with a big mug of tea and no commuting! It’s a game changer to not have to rush to an external meeting after a busy evening surgery.”

“I started my own single vet practice so getting to CPD meetings or conferences was almost impossible. The webinar vet allows me to do the topics I want when I can find the time, on demand, and the regular members webinars mean that I also look at topics I might not have looked for and keeps me up to date with current issues.”

“The Webinar Vet is very convenient for us in the other parts of the globe to attend the live presentation, or if we cannot listen live we can always use the archived webinar system to listen and learn. The Webinar Vet covers a huge spectrum of different presentations, as one size does not feet all of us. The benefit of asking the questions is great, if we want to clarify certain points presented to us during the webinar and learn more.”

“The Webinar Vet is an excellent system. I will end up doing more cpd than the minimum requirement because of the ease of access, the variety of subjects and the good quality speakers. If I get a difficult case I will be able to go on and search relevant material to help me. It is also fantastic way to keep a track on how much you have done.”

“With The Webinar Vet, CPD is easy and pain free. I can watch a webinar from home in the evening in a relaxed way and it definitely improves my confidence and motivation at work.”