What's going on in the veterinary industry right now?

The Positive Vet Nurse

By Simon Chadwick

As we’ve touched on before, the veterinary profession is particularly afflicted by high levels of stress, even relative to the general population. Now, one millennial vet nurse is using social media to try to help people in the profession who are suffering from mental health issues.

Elle Payne uses the moniker ‘The Positive Vet Nurse’ to encourage openness about mental health in the profession, and posts inspirational and informative content, as well as pictures of cute animals, because some trends exist for a reason. She has since amassed almost 5,400 followers, and recently launched a questionnaire to find out more about mental wellbeing amongst veterinary professionals. We spoke to Elle about what inspired her to start her awareness campaign, and how it’s all going…

Are you a perfectionist?

By Simon Chadwick

Millennials get a lot of criticism.

It is said that they are an overcoddled generation who are narcissistic, pretentious, entitled and oversensitive. They are portrayed as needing constant praise, unable to deal with criticism, and unrealistic about the world.

Now, a new meta-analysis report conducted by researchers from the University of Bath and York St. John University has confirmed that, while millennials may seem to be emotionally highly strung, this isn’t a defect in their character, but a response to the pressures of the world today…

Anxiety - what is it good for?

By Simon Chadwick

According to polls, the most common phobia in the United Kingdom is arachnophobia – that is, a fear of spiders. Around 45% of Brits say they don’t like spiders, and the other 55% are liars.

Something about spiders inspires terror in many people’s minds. But why exactly is this? There are no dangerous species of spider native to the UK. It makes sense to be afraid of spiders if you live in, say, Australia, where there are several species of spiders which are highly venomous. Yet the numbers aren’t any different in Oz, where 50% of women and 30% of Australian men report an aversion to the eight-legged creeps. Only 5% of Australians describe themselves as full-on arachnophobes. Why aren’t people who live alongside dangerous spiders more afraid of them then people who don’t?

10 Tips for a Healthy Mind

By Simon Chadwick

So, you want to be happy, and you want science to help you? Seems reasonable. But what exactly should you do to give yourself the best chance for a happy life?

Happiness occurs in the mind on two levels, the physical and the (for lack of a better word), spiritual. In fact, most psychologists find it’s about a 50-50 split – half of your happiness is due to how you feel about your life, and the other half is the physical mental process in your brain…