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How to Master your VetPassport in 2020

7th January 2020, 8pm

Presented by Jenny Guyat BVetMed MRCVS

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About the webinar

Do any of the following currently apply to you right now?

  • I’m dissatisfied with vetting, maybe considering diversification
  • I’m generally happy vetting but not sure on my purpose and direction or struggle with mindset challenges
  • I have a business or career direction idea but lack confidence or knowledge on how to make it happen

If so, this masterclass is going to change your thinking, show you the pathway forwards and help get you unstuck!


Learning Objectives

In this masterclass, Vet Harmony founder Jenny Guyat will guide you through:

  • The ‘Vet Identity Takeover’, and why it’s keeping you stuck, unsure and comparing yourself to others.
  • The three massive mindset roadblocks that stop you from working out what you want in your veterinary career and gradually erode your self-belief and happiness
  • A powerful 6-step framework to use anytime you need to re-evaluate your life or career, stay true to being ‘you’ and proactively create the life balance and direction you desire


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About the speaker

Jenny Guyat BVetMed MRCVS

Jenny graduated 18 years ago from the RVC and was in small animal clinical practice for 7 years before beginning her own diversification journey. She was Senior Veterinary Surgeon for Vets Now, before helping to launch Pet Blood Bank UK.
Making the move to non-clinical in 2008, Jenny was Business Development Manager for Vets Now, opening 17 emergency clinics around the uk before becoming Head of Customer Development.
She started coaching full time in 2013, working with Alan Robinson at Vet Dynamics and coaching independent practice owners in finance, practice management, HR, recruitment, marketing, leadership and personal development. After a break to start her family, Jenny launched Vet Harmony in 2017, a personal growth and career development coaching service for the vet profession. She is a Certified HBDI Psychometric profiling practitioner and regular speaker.

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