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"Understanding Eating Disorders"

28th April 2020, 12:30pm

Presented by Rachel Pascoe

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About the webinar

Perfectionism is a trait often associated with high achievers, and a trait that many veterinary surgeons identify with. It is also identified as one of the vulnerability factors for developing an eating disorder. This webinar will provide an overview of the different types of eating disorders, along with detailing the physiological and psychological impacts of living with an eating disorder. In addition to this, the talk will guide you on when to get help, and how you might go about supporting others when you have concerns.

Learning Objectives

• To gain increased knowledge of the different types of eating disorders
• To learn about the physical and psychological impacts of eating disorders
• Be able to identify early warning signs
• To learn about some of the common misconceptions/myths about eating disorders
• To have a broad understanding of the barriers to recovery and how you can support others who present with an eating disorder

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About the speakers

Rachel Pascoe

Rachel Pascoe is a qualified social worker with postgraduate qualifications in mental health and cognitive behaviour therapy. Her background is working within the public health system for over 8 years in New Zealand, where she provided assessment and treatment to clients who presented with moderate to severe mental health problems across a range of specialist services. Having moved to London in 2019, she is now working for the RCVS on the Mind Matters Initiative.

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