3rd May 2022 | 34 minutes

Re-Introducing The Lynx To The United Kingdom

With Anthony Chadwick & David Hetherington

About this episode

Joining Anthony for this episode of our sustainability series on VETchat by The Webinar Vet is David Hetherington, Ecology Advisor at Cairngorms National Park Authority and author of ‘The Lynx and Us’.


In this episode, Anthony and David discuss the topic of trying to re-introduce the Lynx back into the UK, both David’s PhD and book focused on research into this re-introduction possibility. David shares some great insight into the nature of the Lynx and how they currently fit into the ecosystems of other countries in Europe. They also discuss the risks involved with re-introducing ambush hunters like the Lynx, particularly when it comes to sheep farming, as well as the issues of biodiversity and expanding the woodland up in the Scottish Cairngorms.


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