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About the session

"BSAVA Mentoring Scheme" - John Chitty

In 2018 BSAVA launched a pilot independent professional mentorship scheme. This was designed as a small scale project in two cohorts of 12 mentor-mentee pairs. Training of both mentors and mentees was given, and each pair completed a formal contract prior to commencement. Through the year-long trial regular reviews were undertaken.
The trial has been a success with all initial objectives met. As a result, a second pilot will be run in 2019-20.

This webinar will give an outline of the scheme and where it differs from other schemes, and will also provide some of the feedback from both mentors and mentees illustrating the benefits of a mentorship scheme to both parties.

"Myths of Perfectionism and its relationship with mental health" - Andrew Hill

Andrew Hill talks us through some of the major myths regarding perfectionism, these will be presented and it will be explained how these myths lay in stark contrast to the findings of scientific research. In doing so, perfectionism will be revealed to be a personality trait relevant (to some degree) to everyone.

About the speakers

John Chitty

RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine. Qualified from the Royal Veterinary College in 1990 and gained RCVS Certificate in Zoological Medicine in 2000 Co-Director of a small animal/ exotics practice in Andover, Hampshire with a 100% avian/ exotics/ small mammal caseload- referral and first opinion.

Consultant to seven zoological collections, a commercial laboratory and the Great Bustard Reintroduction project Co-editor of three texts on avian medicine, one on rabbit surgery and co-author of a textbook of tortoise medicine. Author of various book chapters and papers on a range of species President of European Association of Avian Veterinarians 2015-17 and on editorial board of the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine President of the British Small Animal Veterinary Association 2017-18.

Andrew Hill

Professor Hill is a School Research Lead at York St John University and directs a research group examining the consequences of perfectionism in different achievement contexts. He has co-authored over 60 peer-reviewed papers, 10 book chapters, and edited one book on the topic of perfectionism. His research has been funded by a number of organisations including the Wellcome Trust, The Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research, The Higher Education Academy, and The Harold Hyam Wingate Foundation. It has also been covered extensively in the popular press. He is currently the Senior Section Editor of Scandinavian Journal of Sports Medicine and an editorial board member of two other international journals.Samantha has been a forensic scientist since 2002 and is one of only a small number of Forensic Entomologists in the UK who are actively involved in casework. Having been cross-trained within Biology, Drugs and Ecology departments, she has conducted hundreds of laboratory, scene and mortuary examinations. With extensive experience across a range of forensic, medical and veterinary case types, she is regularly involved in multi-disciplinary investigations and delivering forensic training for professional practice.

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