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"Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders in Veterinary Practice"

Tuesday 12 May 2020, 12:30pm BST

Presented by Dr. Rosie Allister & Dr. Alex Thomson

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About the webinar

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is common, and commonly misunderstood. Its impact can range from mild disability, to severe incapacity and even be life-threatening. Although treatable, many people can suffer for years before their condition is identified and treated. This webinar will give an overview of the impact of OCD on veterinary professionals, clients and their animals, considerations for support, and how to seek help or facilitate help for others.

Learning Objectives

• The forms that OCD can take
• The impact of OCD on the lives of veterinary professionals, clients and their animals
• Support and adjustments for veterinary professionals with OCD
• Considerations with clients with OCD and related disorders
• How to seek help, or facilitate help for colleagues and clients

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About the speakers

Rosie Allister

Dr Rosie Allister Rosie is manager of Vetlife Helpline. She qualified from Liverpool vet school in 2005 and completed an MSc in Public Health Research at The University of Edinburgh as well as spending time in practice. She has been researching mental health and wellbeing in the veterinary profession for over ten years

Alex Thomson

Dr Thomson is a consultant liaison psychiatrist at Northwick Park Hospital, the largest hospital in North West London. He specialises in mental health care in medical and emergency settings, including alcohol care, self-harm and frequent attendance at emergency depts. He has contributed to national and regional guidance on topics such as collaboration between medical specialties, and police, ambulance and hospital response to mental health emergencies. He has written educational articles on obsessive-compulsive disorder and is currently hosting weekly national webinars for the liaison psychiatry community in response to the COVID-19 emergency.

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