Our Mindfulness 2019 course is finally here!

Dr Mike Scanlan is back with a brand new course which uses cutting edge science to develop and build on acceptance skills through mindfulness to live a more productive, happier life

This year's Mindfulness course focuses on "Mindful Living - Harnessing our capacity to use mindful acceptance skills to live happier more meaningful lives"

About our Mindfulness 2019 Course

This year's Mindfulness course focuses on "Mindful Living - Harnessing our capacity to use mindful acceptance skills to live happier more meaningful lives"

Dr Mike Scanlan has distilled cutting edge science and theory into simple processes that can help people live well. Across 4 webinars, the approach uses research from evolutionary science, behavioural science, ACT, and positive psychology to promote vital living.

• Focus on the here and now
• Discover what is truly important to you
• Observe thoughts without being ruled by them
• Be willing to experience difficult thoughts
• Take action to pursue the important things in life

In partnership with RCVS Mind Matters initiative and will count towards your CPD requirements.


Which webinars are included?

Session 1

Harnessing our capacity to bring awareness to what really matters

Understand the DNA-v model, identify issues affecting work-life balance and what action you can take to achieve a better balance

Session 2

Becoming adept at using our minds to notice and focus more effectively

In this session, we gain a greater understanding of why anxiety can become habitual and the techniques we can use to slow your thoughts down.

Session 3

Finding our more useful advisor

Focus on developing your own ways to conquer over thinking and analysing situations and to begin to use the DNA-v process to assist you.

Session 4

The Dance of Life

Review what has been learnt and plan how you can take committed action to ensure that you make the changes that will lead to a more conscious and present life.

All webinars will be available as recordings to watch whenever and wherever you like, once they have been live.

Praise for our Mindfulness Courses

"As I'm towards the end of my vet career I wish I'd had access to this much earlier on, it would have helped so much in dealing with difficult cases and stressful times. Instead I blundered through! I think all new graduates or final years, likely too busy though, could do with this course. Mike is a brilliant presenter and it all made sense"

"Really enjoyed the course again this year and feel it has helped me to step back and assess day-day activities in a more engaged manner"

"Been doing this along with my non-vet partner each week. We have both found mindfulness very helpful and feel less stressed in our daily lives and more thankful for the time we spend together. (Rather than constantly worrying about going back to work etc.)"

"The Mindfulness series came at the perfect time for me, as I had been struggling with stress at work and home for too long. I cannot believe the difference the course has made to all aspects of my life. I have been recommending it to everyone in my practice. Thank you so much."