28th January 2022 | 33:01

How We Achieved Business Success And Gained Better Profit In Practice

With Kathryn Bell & Gillian Page

About this episode

This week’s VETChat episode is part of our series on supporting and empowering women in veterinary, hosted by Kathryn Bell. Joining Kathryn is Gillian Page, senior Vice President of the Veterinary Management Group and co-founder of Ayrton Veterinary Hospital.

In this episode, Kathryn and Gillian discuss how we can achieve business success and obtain better profits in practice. Gillian’s shares her insights into setting up her own practice back in 1999, and all the challenges that faced her during this time. As well as explaining some of the reasons behind their build choices, such as offering a quality work environment for her staff. She also offers her top 3 tips on how to have a successful business and gives advice to anyone who is looking to create their own practice.