29th April 2022 | 21 minutes

How Has Veterinary Education Changed Over The Last 30 Years?

With Anthony Chadwick & Bryanna Andrews

About this episode

Joining Anthony for this episode of VETchat by The Webinar Vet is Bryanna Andrews, a veterinary surgeon with the PDSA in Swansea, Wales.


In this episode, Anthony and Bryanna have a great discussion about the changes to the veterinary profession over the last 30 years, particularly on the education side. They discuss Bryanna’s background as a veterinary technician in America and how this has certainly helped her as a recent graduate in the pandemic. Bryanna was also a WikiVet ambassador during her time as a student, and she offers her opinions on how sites like WikiVet have helped with the rapid uptake of online learning over the last few years. Anthony also gets some insight into how education has changed since he graduated!