Well, last year my worst service award went to Ryanair. A truly shocking company with a terrible attitude towards its clients! I had flown with them because theirs was the only airline to fly into Tuscany from Liverpool last summer since then I have noticed a number of near misses including one flight that had to make 2 emergency landings- scant regard was paid to the passengers mental health at the end of that torrid experience! This year the award goes to Le Meridien Hotel in Nice. I spent a few days in Nice last June. The check-in process was shambolic and when I returned home I found my credit card had been charged an extra night for another person who I had never heard of. This had been taken through the auspices of www.venere.com I suspect my credit card details were passed on. Despite frequent emails and phone calls nothing was done. The Webinar Vet makes mistakes but it is the way you respond to them that sets a company apart. Le Meridien’s financial department seemed shambolic. They and Venere win the 2012 worst company award! The lesson from this is that we should always aim to offer a stellar customer experience but when we fail rectify it as quickly as possible to keep the client coming back.

To your CPD success!
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