I was at VR World last week looking at some very cool stuff. Of course, the HoloLens was well represented and we made some good links to help us with our upcoming projects and it’s getting really exciting now.

Of course, all of this is overshadowed by the terrible atrocity in Manchester on Monday night. I was in London having taken my son down to Heathrow on his way back to Canada and my wife had children from her school at the concert. It is very sad and makes you realise how precious life is and how we must make the most of it. All the people involved in the atrocity are very much in my thoughts and prayers.



Yesterday, we had a fabulous webinar with Professor Richard Wall about “The Big Tick Project” sponsored by MSD Animal Health. There was interesting information on dog and cat ticks and a report of the first case of Babesia spielmanii, of course, Richard also spoke about Babesia canis. It was a fascinating webinar and is available for you to login and view.


Our website build is going well and we are now looking for volunteers to help test it prior to launch. If you could help that would be fabulous. Please contact Kathryn to volunteer.


This week’s webinar is about neuro-ophthalmology and is by Elsa Beltran. It will be well worth a view. You will be auto-registered for this webinar and will receive a link to join 1 hour before the broadcast starts.

Last week we had Pam Mosedale discussing the practice dispensary. This may not be the most exciting topic but a well-run dispensary is essential in a modern practice and can save lots of money! Check it out in the archive!


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