The Webinar Vet Presents 

Expertise Series

ECC Expertise Series

Chris Byers presents this new Series on Emergency & Critical Care.

Four Hours of Webinars

Pain Management Expertise Series 

Matt Gurney will be presenting a fascinating series on a crucial topic.

Four Hours of Webinars

Behaviour Expertise Series 

Sarah Heath is back with another massively popular series on Behaviour!

Four Hours of Webinars

Wound Management Expertise Series 

Jon Hall is back with a series that will cover theory and practical implementation.

Four Hours of Webinars

Mindfulness Expertise Series

8 brilliant webinars designed to teach you how to de-stress and be mindful of your work!

Eight Hours of Webinars

Sleep Series 2017

Aimed at helping people working in the veterinary profession to understand more about sleep, to worry less about sleep and to feel less tired and bothered about the effect that sleep problems have on their lives.

Six Hours of Webinars

Previous Expertise Series!

Grab the recordings to some brilliant CPD which is ready and waiting for you to log in and view!

Mindfulness 2016

Mike Scanlan presents his first series on how to de-stress

Eight Hours of Webinars


Pip Boydell Presents this 8-part series

Over Eight Hours of Webinars

Gastro Intestinal 

presented by five brilliant speakers

Five Hours of Webinars

RCVS Cat Day 

Dr Bradley Viner on the historic relationship between Humans and Cats


A four-webinar series designed for orthopaedic surgeons of all levels and interests


A very insightful Series where Ian Ramsey presents and discussed six cases.

Client Care at Animal End of Life

Caroline Hewson provides extremely useful insights

Four Hours of Webinars

Diagnostic Imaging Autumn 2016

Mike Herrtage presented a very popular series

Four Hours of Webinars

Diagnostic Imaging Spring 2016

Mike Herrtage presented a very popular series

Four Hours of Webinars

Coaching Confidence

Brian Faulkner presents webinars of four motivational topics

Four Hours of Webinars

Small Mammal

MollyVarga and John Chitty present this popular series 

Four Hours of Webinars